Thursday, November 27, 2008


November 27, 2008 Thanksgiving Day a unique American Holiday

Today is the Thanksgiving Holiday, celebrating the arrival of all immigrants to this country, a capitalist bastion, and defender of democracy, where equality of opportunity is afforded to all citizens, no matter whence they came and what beliefs they adhere to or what race they claim to belong to.

I can finally say that after the election of Barrack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, that this statement finally can be verified by action and not by mere words. In more senses than one it is historical, that is both Obama’s election, and today’s Thanksgiving. It is also very important not to forget what lies in store for most Americans in the coming two years.

Though they may not know it, they are in for a rude shock of having to go without things they have taken for granted, and will finally bring some sense into a materialistic world that it is not just money and things money can buy as well as having a job that can give one satisfaction and happiness.

Let us also not forget this day, that one person’s Thanksgiving is another person’s eviction. Whether barren lands were purchased, acquired by force, or colonized, the Native Indians were annihilated and there possessions taken or burnt, so that only a handful of them remain albeit now of mixed blood, many in Reservations, overcome by alcoholism and social problems which the rest of America does not appear to want to face and solve. It is more than slavery, America’s still festering sore that must be healed if can call ourselves truly free of guilt and forgiven for our ancestors sins.

I say this being more American in some senses than most Americans, having traveled to more of the country than 95% of those who live in it and being more aware of the conditions of the rich and poor with solutions to solve most of their ills than most people who live there.

I therefore on this Thanksgiving day have decided to dedicate this blog solely to address issues that directly relate to the American people, and how they can solve some of their real problems without prejudice so that they can regain that pioneering spirit and sense of moral authority that has been lost. Most people who live in the US just like those who live in any other country cannot fluently and eloquently provide the answers to their pressing problems, as they like the rest of the world are engaged in the act of living and prefer to spend their earned leisure in relaxation than in contemplation.

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